I like alternative music, and Pantera’s music hits the spot every time. I was listening to the song Cemetery Gates. It was a pretty lousy night and the plot just showed up in my head, all wrapped up in a neat bow, easy to start writing now, you may think.  Yeah right, as I said, it was all wrapped up, now I had to unwrap it, and it was going to take a while do that.

Writing for fun is great, get an idea, and write a few lines, maybe a page, that part is easy. Making a major attempt at writing is whole other story, if you pardon the pun. It took me about two hours to write seven pages of detour, then I felt I needed a holiday, for about a three weeks I wrote something, discarded it, write, discard it again, swear, just gave up ….then I would get inspired, write two pages, edit what I have, then change it in places, swear some more, then I would think, why did I ever break up with my Ex, now I don’t have any one to fight with!.So far I have about thirty pages.

Detour is being written in different parts, the beginning, the ending, somewhere in the middle, different themes (only to be scrapped five minutes later), some of the characters have changed themselves against my wishes.

I was a roughneck in my youth, man saying that feels like I was born in nineteen something, just thinking about makes my bones creak. I  had the odd booze related black out, okay so all of it was booze related  , hell who knows , I could be writing about stuff I couldn’t remember.

I do remember going to the Yard with my buddies in my school days but most of it is a blank, …Maybe Jack will help me remember…..Whoa ….maybe on second thought , I don’t want to have more of those blackouts.