I am no artist or other but getting that picture for Detour certainly gave me some sense of accomplishment, considering it was done on the spur of the moment. People who have seen the picture have a reaction to it, to some it’s the light, to others, the grave site monuments or the greenery

It turned to out to be the perfect day, and when we finally got to the Yard, the birds were singing, not a soul present (they were all dead!), the setting was magnificent, we clicked away at whatever we could find, while jokes about the dead were coming thick and fast. We ventured deeper into the yard, the older part, and Rex was giving me a look that said, like let’s get the freaking hell outta this place, post haste.

In all fairness I’m the one who insisted we go near the river end, I had a hunch it was the older part of the Yard, next time I visit the place, I’ll stay in the more familiar areas. I won’t be making that mistake again! We took turns taking pictures. I remember I kept on thinking, we should go more nearer to one grave just out of view, the single lonely one you can barely see but we never got to it, our attention kept on being turned away.

About two months later, at a get together of regular bunch of friends, the topic of the Yard just came up, then realized something interesting, at that part of the Yard, there were no birds singing.