Good day folks, greetings from the butt end of the world, the great Republic of South Africa, It’s a cloudy, slightly windy and, it’s either me, or the weather is messing with my mind, I can’t tell whether it’s warm or cold!

Living in KZN province, is like living in the candy store for anyone who loves life  and if you like to put pen to page sometimes, it can cause thoughts to flow uninterrupted, that is how my first ever short story started. It was based on something I heard on the radio and I toyed with the idea for a few hours and then the story practically wrote itself, it took one hour to have it done and I thought, great hanging dildos, what the hell just happened?

But I got over myself and did a quick edit and was done. It is now part of a compilation that I call Shades of gray. I call it Running Late, because fate can step in at any moment and ….

African mythology is rich in all kinds of creatures, some good and benevolent, others you would want an in-law or much despised relative meeting, just kidding, although I don’t like one of my uncles, and maybe cousin “what’s his name”, but I digress. These creatures are truly nasty and do all manner of bad things, from setting your things on fire to doing some very naughty things to you [or your lover] while you are asleep. They are called Tokoloshe and are a very nasty piece of work.

So if you’re ever stay over in my neck of the woods, sleep with one eye open or you may find your TV set hurtling across the room by an unseen hand or find yourself strangely aroused.

sweet dreams